Warning: this one gets political

Warning: this one gets political | SucroseAndSpice.com

I’m traveling for work this week (New Jersey, great fun), so I encounter many more TV screens than usual. In the airport, in the train station, in the hotel lobby—all of them showing news, and all of the news about Trump.

I don’t know how to process this turn of events. I’m not sure how to live in a country that elected a man who lacks basic respect when talking about other humans. I’m still reeling from a night that epitomized the split in our country and showed me pretty unequivocally that we can and did cross lines that I thought would hold strong.

We will have a president who rates women’s bodies on a number scale, who paints entire countries and religions as evil, who considers keeping white people comfortable more important than doing whatever we can to help people suffering in a global refugee crisis. We will have a president whose unapologetic hate has emboldened others who share his prejudices.

I can’t focus on much else right now, and I’m simultaneously distraught by the constant coverage and dismissive of stories about anything else. It essentially means I’m just mad at my podcast feed. I sat down to write about St. Louis and gooey butter bars, but I can’t. That will come, later. Goodness knows we need some comfort food this week.

Wishing you mental health and plenty of medicinal sugar.