Wedding cake, part one: Hazelnut cake with chocolate and raspberries

Wedding cake, part one |

My first wedding cake! (Side note: every time I say a phrase beginning with “my first,” I imagine it as a board book introducing toddlers to the subject. This would be a really good one, probably involving mud pies.) I had SO MUCH fun with this project. As the kid who spent days off from

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Chocolate pumpkin pie

Chocolate pumpkin pie |

I celebrated my birthday this year by hiking up Hong Kong’s lion rock, from which you can see the city and harbor in one direction and continuous undulating hills of green in the other. The words you use for this sort of thing–breathtaking, spectacular, humbling–they’re all true, but they also don’t quite capture the feeling

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Eloquent chocolate cookies

Eloquent chocolate cookies |

When words fail me, I resort to communication via baking. These cookies started off as happy-birthday-and-I-miss-you cookies for friends in Chicago, became good-luck-on-midterms cookies for a friend here, and made a quick stop at good-luck-with-big-changes-at-work cookies before settling in at just-because-it’s-Tuesday cookies. It’s amazing what a little chocolate can say, given the opportunity. And chocolate

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Red wine chocolate cupcakes with whipped ricotta

Red wine chocolate cupcakes with whipped ricotta |

Boston no longer has sidewalks, just tunnels between towering walls of snow. And the walls just keep growing, as another blizzard is making its way toward the city this weekend. So I took off, tagging along with some friends to the still snow-covered hills of Vermont. Maybe we should have driven south instead of north?

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