Summer updates

Well, friends. It’s been quite a summer.

I may have moved again, which brings us to a grand total of five apartments and four jobs in the last 14 months. I’m not quite sure how that happened, but I have grand ambitions of staying in this new place for at least six months or maybe even a whole year? Fingers crossed.

We basically chose the new place based entirely on the kitchen (giant granite island!) and our confusion at its strange layout (no living room?), so we’re planning on some pretty epic cooking adventures. Let’s just say that a waffle maker is in the works. It’s pretty great to live with friends again after a less-than-spectacular Craigslist situation, especially when those friends will cook with you on weeknights and share my intense love of The West Wing.

Work has somewhat exploded in the last month and a half, as you may have guessed from my complete silence on the blog front. Luckily we have the good kind of problems—so many projects, clients who love our products, lots of development—but the hours still add up. We’re on a roll with hiring where three new people start every other week. It’s madness.

Though sadly lacking in tropical vacations, all in all it was a pretty great summer. I’m settling in to Boston (sort of), made it out to the Cape, logged many hours on my trusty bicycle, and wore my favorite sandals into the ground. Not bad at all.

PS–Yeah, I changed my blog name/site. Given all of the other changes, I thought it was time. Get in touch at, or just leave a comment below. Welcome to the new place!

The new kitchen! NYC skyline Me and a tree! IMG_1012 (3) PDX bridge opening Oooh, fancy coffee Beach Blackberry picking Central park at sunrise