Roll cakes: attempt #3

It’s real, you guys. Roll cakes are happening. It’s a source of great amusement to my friends, who do nothing but make fun of me—and then devour the cakes. Laugh all you want, you know they’re delicious.

Roll cake: attempt #3 |

I’m taking all celebrations now as excuses to roll up a cake of some sort, so a coworker’s going-away bowling party (SUCH a good idea, always) inspired an ice-cream-filled chocolate roll. It refused to cooperate with me and broke into several pieces when I rolled it up, but put enough ice cream in it and no one cares. That’s today’s first lesson: filling + ganache can fix pretty much anything.

I’m still working on the ideal cake base for the chocolate roll. Everything I’ve found relies on an absurd number of eggs (five—and my roommate wondered why there were three dozen eggs in the fridge yesterday), but so far I can make you a rich, chocolatey cake that can’t roll to save its life or a slightly rubbery and faintly flavored sponge that rolls like a champ. Needless to say, I’ve got more of these on the agenda and will report back once I have better news.

Roll cake: attempt #3 | Roll cake: attempt #3 | Roll cake: attempt #3 |

Things I’ve learned so far:

–Make a cake, roll it up, and fill it with delicious things. No one will know or care if it broke in the process.

–Whipped eggs + chocolate = yummy but breakable. Whipped eggs + flour = no flavor.

–For some reason, sponge cakes have no fat. Probably because they rely on whipped egg whites, which don’t play nicely with fat, but butter makes everything better.

–Cover everything with ganache.