Pancake cooking: spotty or smooth?

Pancake cooking: spotty or smooth? |

Although the stereotypical giant diner pancake has a smooth, evenly-browned color, I tend to prefer the abstract art of uneven browning on my pancakes. It’s all about your pan and your fat, so it’s choose-your-own-adventure time, pancake edition. Throw a knob of butter in the pan, swirl it around, and top it with pancake batter–you’ll get that uneven

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Chee’s cheese muffins

Chee's cheese muffins |

Our whole office packed up early the Tuesday before Christmas and headed out to our holiday celebration, centered, appropriately enough, around food. Over a never-ending procession of tiny, flavorful, Middle Eastern dishes, we kept talking about our favorite subject: except for the heated debate about global warming that I intentionally tuned out, we mostly discussed

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