St. Louis gooey butter bars

St. Louis gooey butter bars |

My sister really knows how to plan a weekend visit. Step one, consult with your local Trader Joe’s cashier for the inside scoop on good local tourist spots. Step two, go to the strange place recommended by said cashier and hand-feed goats with baby bottles.  It’s over. She’s won. The place in question, Grant’s Farm, brings

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Wedding cake, part two: Lemon blueberry cake with almond pastry cream

Wedding cake, part two: Lemon blueberry cake with almond pastry cream |

Here’s the thing: this wedding took place on the San Juan Islands off the coast of Seattle. I live in Boston. As it turns out, those two places are not super close together. The master plan started with six cakes baked in Massachusetts, frozen, packed into a backpack, and flown across the country. What, like

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Wedding cake, part one: Hazelnut cake with chocolate and raspberries

Wedding cake, part one |

My first wedding cake! (Side note: every time I say a phrase beginning with “my first,” I imagine it as a board book introducing toddlers to the subject. This would be a really good one, probably involving mud pies.) I had SO MUCH fun with this project. As the kid who spent days off from

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Welcome to the Year of the Roll Cake!

In the grand tradition of the pear tree pie and the devil swans (shudder), this year’s overly ambitious Christmas dessert took the form of a bûche de Noël complete with birch bark markings and shelf mushrooms. Isn’t it pretty?! But the beautiful pictures of the finished product don’t tell the whole story—the frustration when the

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