Pancake cooking: spotty or smooth?

Pancake cooking: spotty or smooth? |

Although the stereotypical giant diner pancake has a smooth, evenly-browned color, I tend to prefer the abstract art of uneven browning on my pancakes. It’s all about your pan and your fat, so it’s choose-your-own-adventure time, pancake edition. Throw a knob of butter in the pan, swirl it around, and top it with pancake batter–you’ll get that uneven

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Chee’s cheese muffins

Chee's cheese muffins |

Our whole office packed up early the Tuesday before Christmas and headed out to our holiday celebration, centered, appropriately enough, around food. Over a never-ending procession of tiny, flavorful, Middle Eastern dishes, we kept talking about our favorite subject: except for the heated debate about global warming that I intentionally tuned out, we mostly discussed

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Orange pancakes with caramel sauce and pistachios

Orange pancakes with caramel sauce and pistachios |

I’ve settled into a lovely and only partly intentional routine of spending one weekend day out exploring my new city and the other almost entirely in the kitchen. (Boston friends–I love sharing! Of course, the three courses on the dinner menu may be breakfast, brunch, and cookies, but hey, it’s the new thing.) Last week

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