Wedding cake, part one: Hazelnut cake with chocolate and raspberries

Wedding cake, part one |

My first wedding cake! (Side note: every time I say a phrase beginning with “my first,” I imagine it as a board book introducing toddlers to the subject. This would be a really good one, probably involving mud pies.) I had SO MUCH fun with this project. As the kid who spent days off from

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Basil Parmesan Zucchini Bread

Basil Parmesan Zucchini Bread |

The end of summer hit with a vengeance here this week—last dragon boat race of the season, end of summer hours at work, and a hurricane that brought the first rain in a long time. Dramatic much, Massachusetts? I’m not ready to need pants again! There’s still ice cream to be eaten and s’mores strategy

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Pancake cooking: spotty or smooth?

Pancake cooking: spotty or smooth? |

Although the stereotypical giant diner pancake has a smooth, evenly-browned color, I tend to prefer the abstract art of uneven browning on my pancakes. It’s all about your pan and your fat, so it’s choose-your-own-adventure time, pancake edition. Throw a knob of butter in the pan, swirl it around, and top it with pancake batter–you’ll get that uneven

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